From the gripping prologue to the end, author Kayla Perrin weaves a tale of relationships and holiday celebration.The prologue tells of a frightened teenage mother who goes to a church to confront the much older and married father of her child.

Fast-forward 27 years and that child, Collette, returns to Miami in search of her birth family. She meets with Dexter Harris, her first and only love, who had broken up with her years ago before leaving for college. He vows to help find her mother, teaches her about Kwanzaa, comforts and protects her when her life is threatened and once again earns her trust.

As is Ms. Perrin's trademark, the villain in this story is a surprise. Ms. Perrin has a gift for penning romantic suspense that does not overshadow the true goal of the novel: telling the love story of Collette and Dexter. (Oct., 256 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims