Image of The Holiday Nanny (Love Inspired)


Image of The Holiday Nanny (Love Inspired)
THE HOLIDAY NANNY (4) by Lois Richer: Connie Ladden has been nanny to 4-year-old Silver for a while when she finally meets the girl’s widowed father, Wade Abbot. Wade wants to get to know his daughter, but he has trouble relating to Silver and turns to Connie for help. Connie works to bring the father and daughter together, while convincing Wade that she has no interest in him even as her attraction for him grows. Connie is also seeking the father who abandoned her when she was 11. Richer’s new series, Love for All Seasons, starts with a lovely Christmas story that features a spiritually wounded hero, a heroine searching for her past and a delightful little girl, as well as some interesting secondary characters.
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Susan Mobley