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While Wiesner’s latest is an inspired story, unfortunately, it lags a bit at times. A story filled with heartache, regret, guilt and the promise of starting over, this plot doesn’t truly “soar” until near the end of the book. Readers should know up front that the ending is worth it — if they just hang in there.

Ayodele’s husband takes her away from her hometown of Peaceful, Wisc., against her will when he relocates her and their son, River, to Chicago. That’s where he and his partner, Hannah, run a furniture business. After arriving, Dec decides he wants Della to start working full time. Their son will be out of school, so Dec feels she should do more to support the family, not letting her in on the fact that the business is slowly sinking. That’s not the only secret Dec is keeping. When Della stumbles upon the affair Dec has been having with Hannah, she decides to take their son and head home to Peaceful. Just as she’s about to board the bus, Della receives a call from “the other woman” telling her that Dec has been killed in an auto accident, and the business literally went up in flames. Hannah begs Della to share the insurance money from the torched furniture business with her, since she’s expecting Dec’s child. How will Della handle these challenges, especially when she’s beginning to fall for her son’s teacher? (KARENWIESNER.COM, Feb., 218 pp., $13.50)
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Amy Lignor