The touching and tragic love story of John and Agnes makes a fine counterpoint to the reluctant modern lovers who find personal lessons in history. HOME AGAIN is a nicely done, enjoyable time-travel romance.

The little town of Hampleton, Georgia, is steeped in the history of its founders, the Spence family. But the town's vitality has waned and Spences no longer live in Spence House, except for a rumored Confederate ghost.

Antique shop owner Jody Calhoun feels an affinity for the dilapidated Spence House and when Chase Spence arrives to demolish it and put up a mall, Jody vows to dissuade him, only to find herself attracted to him.

When Jody finds some hidden love letters to John Hampleton Spence, she's touched by the obvious devotion, then the world shifts and the spirit of John Hampleton sends her hurtling through time to right a wrong from the past.

Jody arrives in 1863 as abolitionist Agnes Jocelyn, the love of Confederate Cavalry Officer John Hampleton Spence who bears a striking resemblance to Chase (It is Chase; he, too, has come back through time). Jody and Chase must resolve their differences and put things right before the brutal deaths of John and Agnes are repeated.

(Apr., 315 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce