Image of Home to Chicory Lane (Chicory Inn)


Image of Home to Chicory Lane (Chicory Inn)

Raney’s first book in her Chicory Inn series follows empty-nesters Audrey and Grant Whitman, but the majority of the story is about their daughter, Landyn Spencer, and her husband Chase, a pair of newlyweds experiencing a major breakdown in communication. Not only do the family dynamics work, but the characters’ problems feel totally authentic. And because they’re likable, readers will quickly find themselves immersed in Landyn’s and Chase’s lives and dilemmas. Not overly preachy, Home to Chicory Inn is an enjoyable and compelling read, sure to please both the inspirational and mainstream crowd.

Audrey and Grant have just turned their home into a bed and breakfast. On opening day, they get the shock of their lives when their daughter Landyn drives up with a U-Haul and informs them that she’s left her husband of six months. Landyn feels hurt and confused that Chase has made decisions about their future without her consent, so she has returned to her parent’s home on Chicory Lane. Chase is stunned when he comes home and finds out that Landyn has packed up and left him. Can these two newlyweds work out their differences? What effect will Landyn’s big reveal have on their future? (ABINGDON, Aug., 320 pp., 14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch