Amanda Sellington is on the run, trying to protect herself and her step-son from Edward Sellington, the wealthy and powerful man she married before she learned he was a monster. Amanda knows the only chance she and Daniel have is to head West.

Fellow passenger Helga von Leigh praises her home in New Ulm, Minnesota, and Amanda decides to settle in the German community. She accepts Helga's invitation to stay in her employer Jakob Hall's guest house.

The wealthy and virile owner of the town brewery, Jakob is all Amanda has learned to fear in a man. However, the way he treats his nephew, Nicolous, makes Amanda see Jakob in a new light. He's nothing like Edward. And when he rescues Amanda and Daniel from drowning she knows she can surely trust him.

Jakob's feelings for Amanda grow from attraction into love. She and Daniel seem to be meant to be a part of his life, but she will not marry him. Though Amanda believes in love, she fears she can never be free to marry Jakob.

Susan Kay Law renews our faith in human nature in this heartfelt love story. The colorful secondary characters and German community add depth to a story as satisfying as Jakob's beer. HOME FIRES will leave you with a warm glow long after the book is closed. SENSUAL (Dec., 306 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce