Image of Home Fires (Hope Springs)


Image of Home Fires (Hope Springs)

Heartwarming and full of a broad spectrum of emotions, Greiman’s second Hope Springs story has characters who are so easy to really care about. Their convoluted relationships are captivating, and the heroine is charming in her own insecure way. Greiman leaves one hoping for another visit to the Lazy Windmill soon.

Colt Dickerson is back and at the Lazy Windmill ranch, and Cassandra Carmichael is not happy. She has enough trouble dealing with the ranch that her father left her, money problems, a pregnant teenager and threatened lawsuits. But Colt is not leaving and Casie is finding it hard to resist his desire to help and her desire for him. Casie is determined to go it alone, even if it could mean losing the ranch. However, an interesting guest ends up helping her and those who have come to depend on her. (Kensington, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley