When Lucky Caldwell comes back to Dundee to refurbish the house she inherited from her stepfather, she doesn't expect a warm welcome. Everyone knows that her mother, Red, was the town whore who married and abandoned old Morris Caldwell, and they're sure that Lucky is no better. Mike Hill remembers the little girl who stole his grandfather Morris' affections and the house that should have been his. He never expects to find a sensitive and beautiful woman who wants A Home of Her Own (4.5G) and a relationship with the man she's loved since childhood. It's a given that romances have happy endings, but with the carefully crafted and seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against Lucky, Novak's phenomenal tale kept me on the edge of my seat, Kleenex in hand, totally enthralled to the last page. This is a forget-about-dinner-just-order-a-pizza kind of read!
Reviewed by: 
Christine Merrill