Baron Vincent Everett has a heart of stone. How else could he evict a family right before Christmas, as the ultimate act of revenge against the man who caused his brothers death?

With her father away on business, sheltered Larissa Ascott is forced to deal with angry creditors and now eviction. Pangs of guilt compel Vincent to stop at the Ascotts and in the glowing gas light Larissa looks like an angel. Vincent invites Larissa and her brother to stay in his home. He believes he can exact revenge by seducing Larissa and ruining her for marriage.

But the caring Larissa falls in love with Vincent and welcomes him into her bed. Vincent suddenly wishes she were not his enemys daughter, for now he wants her not as a mistress, but as a wife.

But what of his plan to avenge his brothers death, her fathers possible return and the fact that his friend desires to court Larissa? Johanna Lindsey pieces all these components together in a charming, warmhearted romance perfect for the season of joy and giving. With a hint of her hallmark captive/captor plotline, and touches of humor, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is short and cozy, the ideal stocking stuffer. SENSUAL (Oct., 240 pp., $18.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin