In the footsteps of Efken's previous novel, readers again visit the ladies who make up the e-mail group SAHM I AM, an online support network for stay-at-home moms. Told in a series of e-mails, the story's rapid pace and humor balance heavier issues. Efken has a fantastic ability to reach the heart and soul of readers and bring forth hope.

The members of the SAHM I AM e-mail loop have found support and encouragement while moving through their day-to-day routines. They connect with other women around the country through their computers, offering tips for enduring pregnancy, child-rearing and hundreds of other concerns. Led by too-perfect moderator Rosalyn, the women struggle, yet find common ground in their diverse lives. (STEEPLE HILL CAFe, Nov., 400 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel