Image of Home Improvement: Undead Edition


Image of Home Improvement: Undead Edition

As home repair projects can sometimes take on a hellish nature, 14 authors hit the nail on the head with these truly DIY nightmares. With literal skeletons in the closet or portals in the attic, the stories range from the chilling to the offbeat.

A sampling of the stories included feature Harris’ “If I Had a Hammer” wherein Sookie, Sam and Tara knock out a wall and get an unexpected guest. In Briggs’ “Gray,” vampire Elyna Gray returns home to Chicago to face the ghosts of her past and deal with a condo renovation. “Blood on the Walls” from Graham explores the fallout from a grisly murder and the annoying desecration of a family tomb. Marr serves up “The Strength Inside,” which poses the question, which is more evil, a family of monsters or a homeowners association? (ACE, Aug., 352 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith