Image of Home to Montana (Love Inspired)


Image of Home to Montana (Love Inspired)
HOME TO MONTANA (4) by Charlotte Carter: Alisa Machak is a single mother and co-owner of the Pine Tree Diner and Inn. She meets drifter Nick Carbini. Suffering from severe PTSD, Nick does not stay in one place for too long — only until the nightmares force him to move on. He accepts a job as a part-time handyman and forms a friendship with Alisa’s son, Greg. Alisa is reluctant to get attached, as is Nick, who believes he must leave to protect them. Can this small town help heal Nick’s troubled soul? The characters’ struggles are realistic, and Carter does a great job educating the reader on PTSD and the benefit of therapy dogs in this touching tribute to military men and women everywhere.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee