Image of Home by Nightfall (A Powell Springs Novel)

Home By Nightfall

Image of Home by Nightfall (A Powell Springs Novel)

Alexis Harrington has the incredible ability to turn dusty, destitute locales into lush gardens with her beautiful prose and heart-grabbing stories. Home by Nightfall takes a cast of already-loved characters and delves deeper into their lives after the first World War. Her story gives life to the whole era, exploring the different ways that war touches and destroys lives, but also finding hope in the moments when life finally begins anew under the wreckage. Every single person and event is brought into the story while keeping a keen eye on the overall tone and maintaining very precise control over the plot. It is all of these remarkable skills that make Harrington's books impossible to put down and continually earn her a place on bestseller lists.

Following the events of Home by Morning, Alexis Harrington's new book features several beloved characters in Powell Springs, Oregon. Susannah Braddock, newly married after her husband's death during a battle in France two years prior, finds herself in an impossible situation when the Red Cross brings her dead husband home — and he is very much alive, though suffering from amnesia. Susannah wants to help Riley regain his memories and find his place back on their farm, but she is not sure where her love and loyalties lie anymore; with the shell-shocked man she once knew or with her new husband Tanner. (MONTLAKE, July 2012, 285 pp., $9.99)

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Abigail Ortlieb