To commercial artist Quintin Lord, a woman's body holds no secrets, until he sees his sexy neighbor's petite curves and shapely legs and decides that maybe there's something new he can learn about female anatomy. As he plans his strategy to catch the unsuspecting Ms. Jones in a romantic tryst, he realizes more may be at stake than just the satisfying of his raging hormones.

Caterer Victoria Jones is a divorcee running from intimate, romantic relationships. Until she meets her handsome, charming and stubborn neighbor. Quin is everything she's ever wanted in a man...in a husband. But she refuses to open herself to the pain of loving when it can only lead to another broken relationship once her secret is known.

But Victoria hasn't counted on the persistence and the patience that reinforces Quin's determination to have her. On the brink of giving in, she believes she may have found true love, until she learns the one thing her beloved wants most, she can't give him.

Home Sweet Home is another lovely showcase for the extraordinary talent of veteran romance novelist Rochelle Alers, who has taken ordinary people with ordinary lives and created a delicious fantasy for readers to savor again and again. (June, 215 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson