Image of Home in Time for Christmas


Image of Home in Time for Christmas

Time travel is a much-used device that doesn't always succeed, but even skeptics will likely be charmed by Graham's original take on it. The characters are well done, and there's lots of humorous banter to enjoy.

On her way to her parents' home shortly before Christmas, Melody Tarleton barely avoids hitting a man who materializes in the middle of the icy road. Though he's wearing Revolutionary War-era clothing and appears befuddled by her car, Melody is certain that Jake Mallory is either a con man, a great liar -- or has an injury she can't detect.

She takes him home with her and concocts a story to explains Jake's garb. But soon he's convinced Melody and her family that he's a Patriot soldier. Piecing together the past, and finding a way for him to return to it, gets complicated when Jake falls in love with Melody.

(MIRA, Nov., 464 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer