As the midwife in Trinity, Pennsylvania, Martha Cade sees and hears many things, and she is far from immune to life's tragedies or its miracles. Recently reunited with her runaway daughter, Martha hopes life will return to normal.

But when she is called to help a young wife who has gone into premature labor, Martha finds herself caught in the middle of a case of domestic violence. Is Nathan beating his young wife, Nancy? What can Martha do about the suspected abuse?

Torn between trying to right a wrong, protect a young wife and allowing her daughter the growing freedom she needs, Martha faces many dilemmas. Her strong faith and belief in both God and mankind carry her through these hard emotional times and lead her to make the only decisions a woman of her strong beliefs and determination can make.

Parr's deep spiritual faith is embedded in each page, and readers will sense her abiding belief that good comes from within and there is hope even in the darkest hours. Her belief in the power of sisterhood and the ties that bond women is an interesting feminist twist to an inspirational novel. A beautiful and uplifting story that renews your faith. SWEET (Apr., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin