Image of Home to Whiskey Creek


Image of Home to Whiskey Creek

Novak admirably attempts to tackle big issues — betrayal, survival, remorse, and redemption — in her latest series installment, but Home to Whiskey Creek’s powerful messages are buried beneath too many pages of excessive angst, two-dimensional villains, walk-on cameos by past heroes and heroines and a tepid romance that could’ve been much more.

Fifteen years after being gang-raped on graduation night, Adelaide Davies has reluctantly returned to Whiskey Creek. She’ll help her ailing grandma sell the family restaurant, and then she’ll be gone forever. She’s worked too hard to heal from that brutal night, which also claimed the life of one of her rapists, Cody Rackham. But now that she’s back, the remaining men are determined to keep her quiet. Ready to flee but bound by family ties, Addy can’t resist the sympathetic shoulder of Noah Rackham — her rapist’s twin and the only man Addy’s ever truly loved. (MIRA, Aug., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin