Taking a detour from her Regencies, Kasey Michaels sweeps readers to the American colonies in this exciting new romance set in her hometown area of Pennsylvania.

Bryna Cassidy's journey to America begins with hope and ends with her father's death. She hopes to find her relatives in New Eden, but after trekking through the wilderness, Bryna discovers that they have been massacred and their land is now owned by Dominick Crown.

For years Dominick has hidden his past, and the pain associated with it, by building a vast empire. He needs a wife to fulfill his dream of founding a dynasty; Bryna appears to be the ideal candidate.

Dominick doesn't know that Bryna's fiery Irish temper matches her flaming hair. Though he might make a devil's bargain with Miss Cassidy, it will take more than that to make her his willing wife.

Slowly Bryna learns of her husband's haunted past and begins to love the man he has become, to cherish his home and the people of New Eden, and to heal from her own loss. Then British troops arrive and there is talk of war between the colonists and the Native Americans, sweeping Bryna and Dominick into new dangers.

Kasey Michaels' obvious adoration for Pennsylvania's history glows within the pages of THE HOMECOMING. Readers will be fascinated by the colorful details, marvelous characters (especially the wise Lenni-Lenape chief) and the exciting adventure and passion that bind Dominick and Bryna. SENSUAL (Apr., 324 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin