Spooky and chilling are two words that quickly come to mind when describing Kimberly Rangel's newest release THE HOMECOMING. Ms. Rangel demonstrates she has a true flair for both horror and suspense.

For 10 years, Darby Jayson has been tortured with guilt over her inability to remember the grisly details of a Halloween slumber party. When that night was over, three of Darby's friends were brutally slaughtered and another had gone insane. Darby was found hiding nearby covered in blood and unable to remember anything. While she was not prosecuted, many people in Nostalgia, TX, believed she was responsible. Darby had killed before, although in self defense.

As the 10-year anniversary of both the murders and the execution of serial killer Samuel Blue draws near, Darby is haunted by vivid dreams of murder. But are they dreams or is she really a serial killer? The only way Darby can know is to return to Nostalgia. Graham Tucker, the brother of one of the victims, is now a homicide detective and determined to prove that Darby is the killer. But they may be dealing with forces that defy rational explanation.

On the night of the slumber party, the five friends were staying in mass murderer Samuel Blue's abandoned house and using a oujia board at the exact moment of his execution. Did Blue's evil soul escape its boundaries and find a new host?

(Feb., 320 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith