Image of Homecoming Ranch (Pine River)


Image of Homecoming Ranch (Pine River)

Madeline lives by her spreadsheets and highlighters, but her world gradually shifts on its axis after she meets Luke in London’s appealing first entry in the Pine River series. First-person chapters narrated by Luke’s brother, who is wheelchair bound, add a humorous flair to the story.

Realtor Madeline Pruett is shocked to hear she has inherited a one-third interest in a ranch in Colorado from a father she never knew. Even more appalling is the news that she has two sisters she didn’t know about. On the way up the mountain to Homecoming Ranch, she has a flat tire that Luke Kendrick happens to fix. He’s charmed by her smile, but that smile loses its glimmer when he discovers his father has lost the rights to Homecoming Ranch and she’s one of the heirs. When Madeline meets Libby and Emma, she indicates she’s prepared to sell the ranch. However, there’s a commitment to sponsor a large family reunion, and the girls rebel. (MONTLAKE, Aug., 382 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown