Just when you think a Nora Roberts novel can't get any better, she manages
to lift the bar once more. Her utterly engrossing, compelling novels make her one of the geniuses among a crowded field.

When Elizabeth Stanford-Jones orders daughter Miranda Jones to the family's art business in Florence, Italy, Miranda knows that something big is afoot. Elizabeth wants her daughter to authenticate a recently discovered small Bronze statue.

After Miranda returns home to the family-run New England Institute of Art History in Jonespoint, Maine. A scandal erupts when several other art experts declare the Dark Lady to be a fake and Ryan Boldari of the Boldari Gallery accuses Miranda of fraudulently authenticating a bronze of the David as well. She is outraged and worried. The revelation that two art pieces Miranda authenticated have now been discovered to be frauds opens up a terrifying line of inquiry. Threatening faxes and a brutal murder soon make it clear that someone is determined to destroy Miranda. Her only hope may be to join forces with the enigmatic Ryan.

(May., 368 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith