With two marriage proposals in hand, Lottie OMalley sets out for Mill Creek, Missouri destined to be a bride, however, one groom has already left town and the other, James Tillman, has been killed in an accident.

With nowhere to go Lottie settles in at the Tillman farm to assist James brother John with the orphaned children. John is happy to have Lotties help and begins to feel an attraction to her. When the childrens grandparents, write claiming to want them, John asks Lottie to marry him for the childrens sake.

Slowly and tentatively they begin to fall in love when the grandparents arrive with a court order giving them custody. Not wanting to leave, the children run away. Lottie goes after them and is severely injured in a fall. Being flat on her back for weeks is very difficult for her, but she must learn to trust John unconditionally. With their strengthened love John and Lottie are able to fight, if need be, for the children.

Brought together to protect and cherish the children, they come to love one another.

Carolyn Davidson has written a beautiful and tender love story and fans of marriage of convenience romances will surely find tears in their eyes. We look forward to more by this talented new historical author. SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager