This is the second book in a hot new suspense series from Eve K. Sandstrom which features the adventures of Nell Matthews and Mike Svenson. Ms. Sandstrom has a winner on her hands.

Nell Matthews just took a transfer from the crime desk to the editing department at the Grantham Gazette in order to avoid any conflict of interest that might arise from her involvement with Det. Mike Svenson. Nell and Mike work odd hours and have been grabbing moments together whenever they can. So when the message comes in that Chief Copy Editor Martina Gilroy wants to see Nell in Grantham Gazette's basement Mike tags along. There they find Martina, out cold. Martina is not well liked by any of her colleagues, but would any of them try to kill her?

Nell is disturbed by a reviving Martina's cryptic comments about Nell's family and someone named Alan. When Nell tries to question Martina, she's brushed off. But when Martina suffers a fatal fall, Nell and Mike suspect that someone deliberately silenced Martina for good.

As they start digging, Nell is horrified to discover that the grandparents who raised her left out vital information regarding her parents. Her father, Alan Matthews, was suspected of murdering his wife Sally. Alan had protested his innocence, but then disappeared, leaving Nell with her grandmother. The murder of Sally Matthews casts a very long shadow. Would Nell recognize her father if she saw him? Is he really a killer, or the victim of a set up?

(Sep., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith