Image of Honeymoon of the Dead (Paranormal Romance (Berkley))


Image of Honeymoon of the Dead (Paranormal Romance (Berkley))

The fifth and final chapter of witch Garnet Lacey's adventures comes to an offbeat conclusion. Garnet has grown throughout the books, but this time, some of her earlier misdeeds come back to haunt her. This highly enjoyable series embodies the old saying, what can go wrong ... Thanks to Hallaway for hours of escapist delight!

Garnet and vampire Sebastian are heading to their Transylvanian honeymoon, but they get as far as Minneapolis before Garnet gets them thrown off the plane because she sees a frost giant on the wing. With Homeland Security looking askance at them, Garnet asks if they can stick around her old stomping ground. Unfortunately, Garnet left Minneapolis after a debacle that involved stealing her friend's boyfriend -- and he still has the old love spell on him. Garnet is drugged and kidnapped, and an anti-vampire group begins stalking Sebastian. The fun may truly have gone out of this honeymoon! (BERKLEY, May, 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith