Image of Honky Tonk Christmas


Image of Honky Tonk Christmas

Don’t let its title deter you; Honky Tonk Christmas is not so much a holiday romp as it is a sweet romance that really stresses the chemistry that builds between two highly likable characters. Unlike Brown’s previous Honky Tonk series novels, it does not feature a whirlwind romance but a more mature, slower-paced relationship that continues to deepen. Readers with children or those seeking a more realistic, relatable romance will enjoy this cozy, bright contemporary romance.

Sharlene Waverly, the newest owner of the popular Honky Tonk Bar, plans to renovate the place before the holidays. When she hires carpenter Holt Jackson to do the work, she finds herself falling for him and his two adorable children. For the first time since she set foot on Iraqi war grounds, Sharlene is finally able to sleep without nightmares. Despite his growing feelings for Sharlene, Holt must seriously consider how best to support his children. Should he keep their relationship professional in case he needs to move on to a job in another city, or can he risk staying in Mingus? (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun