Her life threatened by Lord Duncan Selwyrn, Amica of Lancaster turns to Sir Thomas Reed who is under the king's orders to escort Amica to the town of Reed and keep her safe at all costs.

Thomas does not relish his task because he thinks all woman are trouble. Loyal to his lord, however, he will suffer the misfortune of being Amica's guardian long enough to see her out of harm's way.

Forced to keep her birthright a secret until King Henry can save her from the evil Lord Selwyrn, Amica curses her angelic beauty, her ancestry and the strange affliction that causes her to tremble with fear. She longs for a life of normalcy with an honorable knight like Sir Thomas. Alas Thomas has not the slightest interest in her, or so it seems.

Thomas once had dreams that sustained him through the tortures of childhood, but they were mercilessly snuffed out by the cruelties of life. Still, Thomas cannot control the fantasies about Lady Amica that consume his thoughts.

Succumbing at last to his heart's long-denied wishes, Thomas is determined to have Amica as his own. However, Lord Selwyrn will not rest until he has Amica once more; dead or alive.

Mary Spencer continues to enthrall readers as she offers a spin-off from The Vow that will draw you deep within the lives of memorable characters and an era long since past. Resounding with chivalry, oftentimes humorous and heartwrenchingly realistic, HONOR showcases Ms. Spencer's skill in portraying the innermost depths of humanity with vivid prose. SENSUAL. (Mar., 359 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox