Murphy's books tells a gripping tale of two sisters, Alice and Amanda, who love a pair of men fighting each other on the battlefield. Through hardship and necessity, they blur the line between friend and foe to help one another, hoping to reunite their family once this bloody war is over.

Married to Sam Prescott, a Union officer, Amanda has pledged her love and loyalty to the man, not the cause, as her home and the world around her are torn apart.

Alice is determined to help her family by smuggling precious medicine, even if it risks her own life. Her stubborn streak is matched only by that of her husband, Confederate Officer Will Jackson, who harbors a dark past he must overcome.

In this sequel to Promise and Honor, Murphy creates a remarkable balance between the ravages of war and hate and the hope and rebirth created by love in extraordinary times. (Jan., 272 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Meredith J. Leo