Image of The Honor-Bound Gambler


Image of The Honor-Bound Gambler

Welcome to Morrow Creek, Plumley’s little slice of the West and a romance with heart and grit. Lively storytelling and a cast of engaging, delightful characters — from a rapscallion little boy to a conniving reverend to a hardened gambler and a preacher’s daughter — are simply perfect for this tale. Love and redemption are the soul of this heart-tugging charmer.

Plain preacher’s daughter Violet Benson has no hope of ever finding love when she’s swept onto the dance floor by Cade Foster. But a dance with the handsome stranger turns the wallflower into a sought-after woman. Cade is in Morrow Creek hunting down a man for his benefactor. The only problem is that Cade’s having a run of bad luck, until Violet stands by his side. She agrees to be his “lucky charm” and enters the world of high-stakes wagering. Cade is enchanted by Violet’s hidden beauty and wants her in his life and his bed. But to keep her he’ll have to wager with her father, hold a regular job and take a gamble on love. (HARLEQUIN, Jun., 288 pp., $6.50)
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Kathe Robin