Image of An Honorable Gentleman (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of An Honorable Gentleman (Love Inspired Historical)
AN HONORABLE GENTLEMAN (4) by Regina Scott: Cumberland, England, 1811: Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam has been given Blackcliff Hall, not because he is a honored member of his family, but because they had to, and this way he will be out of their sight. Gwendolyn Allbridge always sees the bright side of any situation, and when she meets Trevor she is thrilled; finally someone who will bring Blackcliff Hall back to its original glory. When she learns why he is there, she is determined to get him to believe that not only does God love him, but so does his family. When accidents start happening, they must work together to uncover the truth. The characters here are down to earth and easygoing. Dolly the oversized mastiff almost steals the spotlight. Readers will be most delighted.
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans