Kit Montgomery, Lord St. John, is raised with a code of honor. And when he is accused by his father of being dishonorable, Kit takes a commission in the army.

Kit serves under Wellington and is a fine and courageous officer, respected by his men. He admires Judith Haviland, the unhappily married wife of another man. Captain Michael Haviland, is an abusive drunkard. But Judith won't break her vow.

Thrown together in the same regiment, the lives of these three become intertwined. When Kit is badly wounded, it is Judith who cares for him, even as her own husband is arrested for drunkenness and cowardice in the line of duty.

Michael volunteers to deliver important messages to Wellington, and insists that Kit promise to keep his dishonor a secret. He is killed even before he reaches Wellingtons camp.

Though the feelings Kit and Judith have for one another blossom into love, each feels terrible about Michael's death. Ugly gossip emerges about the two, and Wellington insists they marry and that Kit resign his commission. But the gossip that follows is uglier than ever, and Kit is ensnared in a duel.

HONOR'S BRIDE is a superbly crafted story about the modes and morals of an aristocratic society when a gentleman's word was his bond. It is the story of a brave man who is willing to sacrifice his life not only for his honor, but for the woman he loves. SENSUAL (Oct., 288 PP., $4,99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond