THE HONOURABLE MAVERICK (4.5) by Alison Roberts: Eleanor Peters is in big trouble. She is very pregnant and being threatened by the father of her child. Fortunately for her there are still heroes in the world, including Doctor Max McAdam who comes to her rescue. Max thwarts her dangerous ex and helps Ellie through her difficult delivery. Despite their unconventional beginning, both Ellie and Max have serious feelings towards each other — feelings that they both want to explore. Ellie continuously makes poor choices, so it is wonderful that she finds the logical Max. He is a study in contradictions — a professional doctor who wears biker gear and goes for long motorcycle rides. But it is these quirks in his character that make him seem so real. And while he and Ellie may seem like an odd couple, the relationship between this flighty new mom and dedicated doctor works perfectly. The bond that they share over the love of a child is extremely touching. Readers will be moved by this incredibly sweet story about a family that is created in the most unexpected way.

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne