There’s more suspense than romance in the second entry to Vincent’s Honour series, but both keep the reader on the edge as finely-wrought characters tell an exciting tale. Unresolved circumstances leave the reader eager for book three.

Hadleigh Tarrant works for the War Office under Lord Castlereagh and is tailing a man known to him as George. George is actually Donatien, a French spy, who backtracks on Hadleigh, and has him tortured. He is rescued and put under the care of the widow Lady Sarah Edgerton who nurses him back from death’s door. He painstakingly learns how to walk again and reunites with his family, leaving Sarah despite the tendre he has for her. When they are reunited, she pushes him away because of their age difference, her dowdiness and the feeling she has betrayed him. With the aid of his compatriots from the War Office, Hadleigh continues the chase for Donatien. (JOANVINCENT.NET, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown