Best selling novelist Bryce Proctor has two problems. Hes got writers block and hes about to be divorced from his wife, Lucie, whos out for all she can get.

Mid-list novelist Wayne Prentice also has a problem. Although hes a better writer than Proctor, hes a victim of computer calculations that say his books dont sell well.

When Bryce runs into Wayne, he comes up with a plan that can solve both their problems. Bryce will submit Waynes manuscript to his editor as his own work and split the payment with Wayne. There is one catch, though. Wayne will not only have to give Bryce his manuscript, he will have to get rid of Lucie. Although a trifle reluctant, Wayne sees this as an ideal solution for both their problems and agrees to all of Bryces terms. Unfortunately, neither men realizes that their perfect deal is far from that and their partnership is literally the marriage from hell.

The inimitable Donald E. Westlake strikes again! THE HOOK is compulsive reading on every level. The suspense is overwhelming but the black humor is what really makes the book. This is a tale the great Alfred Hitchcock would have delighted in filming. (Mar., 288 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg