The second volume in the Brides for All Seasons Quartet brings ace stunt reporter Matthew Gage to Harmony to investigate the allegations that last years famous fly-fishing contest was rigged. Using an alias, he checks into the Brooks Hotel.

Twenty-year-old Margaret (Meg) Brooks wants to find a husband. She is captivated when handsome carpet sweeper salesman, Vernon Wilberforce arrives. It seems he doesnt mind the devilish Meg whos hiding inside the lady-like Margaret (even when she keeps losing her petticoats).

Matthew is attracted to Meg and secretly hopes she can give him information for his exposi while he steals a few kisses. Thats before he finds out that her brother won last years contest and that a few kisses from Megs sweet lips is more temptation than he counted on.

What happens when Vernon receives a letter from his wife and Meg decides to enter the contest will keep you smiling and captivated to the very end.

Few writers bring small-town America to life the way Stef Ann Holm does. She completely captures the aura of middle America with reality and warmth, as she breathes life into engaging characters and creates a town where people seem like your neighbors: youd move in, if you could. This charming, enchanting book is guaranteed to bring you hours of enjoyment, laughter and love. SENSUAL (June, 399 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin