While some of the tales are sad and there may be more death, divorce
and anger than some readers like,
salvation and hope always triumph.

In Janet Mills' "Simple Gifts," Christmas brings new beginnings and friendships. In "No More Mr. Lonely," Linda L. Lattimer deals with a man's search for the right woman. Giovanna Lagana offers two poems. Kathleen O'Connor's "Mrs. Moody" is the story of a broken relationship that only God can put back together. In "The Sound of Angel's Wings," by Mary Eason, a life is lost but a soul is gained.

In Barri Bryan's "Song Without Words," lies, betrayal and a tragic accident almost cause a woman to lose the love of her life. "The Revised Essay," by Loretta Jackson, questions life and what happens at the end of it. Lattimer's "A New Beginning" brings two lonely souls together during the holidays. O'Connor's "A Lesson for the Teacher" proves little things do count. Steven Douglas Womack gives insight into a doctor's "Legacy." (Whiskey Creek, Dec., '06, 151 pp., $11.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith