The dire prophecy made at his birth does not prevent Roland de Gallienne from becoming one of the most feared knights of the realm. Known as the Black Flame, and Henry IIs finest mercenary, Roland has been fighting in France for years and longs for some semblance of peace when he and his troops arrive at Chateauroux monastery, home of the legendary saint with healing hands.

Hope is not a saint. Shes a young woman held captive by the monasterys greedy abbot, who uses her skills for his own design, blackmailing her with threats against her brothers life.

When Roland arrives Hope plots to destroy the man she blames for her peoples desperate plight and tries to murder him. She is caught and when Roland learns of her dire circumstances, he becomes her protector.

Roland cannot leave Hope and her brother at the monastery once he uncovers the truth. His unexpected kindness stuns her. She never expected to leave the abbey, let alone travel to England along with the mighty conqueror.

As their countries are caught up in war, Hope and Roland wage their own battles of will and passion. Her goodness gives Roland belief in redemption. She stands beside him against new enemies and her insight brings Roland the peace he desires while he gives her the love she needs.

Moving, emotional and powerful; HOPE AND GLORY is a wondrous novel about redemption and the power of love. As always, Katherine Sutcliffe wields her pen with care bringing to life memorable characters and an unforgettable, not to be missed romance. SENSUAL. (Feb., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin