Image of The Hope of Refuge (Ada's House Series, Book 1)


Image of The Hope of Refuge (Ada's House Series, Book 1)

Woodsmall delivers a tender love
story filled with well-written, strong-willed characters learning to face their fears and testing their beliefs. There is romance, laughter and a few surprises in this latest book.

Cara Moore is running from a stalker and a terrible childhood in foster care. She takes her young daughter to the place she and mother once ran to, Dry Creek, Penn. The locals have long memories. They didn't want her mother and they certainly don't want Cara here.

Ephraim Mast does not feel the same way. He remembers Cara from when she was a child, and helps her even though he could be shunned for doing so. Will Cara convince herself and the locals she is nothing like her mother? Can Ephraim explain to his elders why what he's doing is the right thing and still be a part of his Amish community? (WATERBROOK, Aug., 352 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans