Image of Hope's Folly


Image of Hope's Folly

Hang on to your phasers as Sinclair blasts off on another rip-roaring space adventure. In previous books, Admiral Philip Guthrie has been an aloof legend, but in this page-turner he's grappling with overwhelming odds. The technical details Sinclair provides add to the intensity of the story by keeping readers in the belly of the wounded ship along with its intrepid crew. A roller-coaster ride in the extreme!

Although still recovering from serious wounds, Admiral Philip Guthrie, now a member of the Alliance, is given command of Hope's Folly, a decommissioned cruiser seriously in need of repair. With the Imperial Fleet closing in, it's critical that Philip get his new ship safely away for retrofitting. Gathering a crew on short notice is risky, but Philip has no choice. One bright spot is the appearance of Rya Bennton, the daughter of an old friend, who is also a security expert. But it doesn't take long for Philip and Rya to realize they have at least one saboteur on board. Now every second is a fight for survival!

(BANTAM, Mar., 448 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith