HOPSCOTCH is a thought-provoking futuristic look at hedonism taken to the ultimate degree by Kevin J. Anderson.

It's the future! CEOs swap bodies with their gofers so board meetings can continue for days. Anxious patients switch to avoid the pain of dentistry or surgery. Voyeurs take turns having sex in their body and then their partner's body. But it's not a perfect world and bad things still happen to a group of friends.

Teresa joins a cult and loses her home-body. Eduard is set up by Daragon's boss, and Garth tries to absorb all experiences in his search for artistic inspiration. The bonds of friendship are deep and the friends will do anything to help each other-even die!

If this is the future, who'd want it? Nonetheless, Mr. Anderson's execution is flawless in its delivery of gloom and decaying decadence. (Feb., 366 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper