Action-packed, thrilling HORIZONS is an exhilarating tale of courage, ingenuity and survival. With this novel as her launching pad, the talented Ms. Hart makes a spectacular jump into contemporary fiction.

For Kelly Kennedy and the other survivors, it was a brief and horrible trip through hell. During their trip back to the States from New Zealand, a ferocious storm developed, their plane was struck by lightning and it careened towards earth. Miraculously, the pilot found a small island and made a landing attempt. When it was all over, only a lucky few were left alive.

Zach Goldstein knows unless they find fresh water soon, the nine survivors are doomed. The odd group-four men, four women and a two-year-old girl-includes a famous Hispanic singer, a pregnant mother, a U.S. Corporal, an elderly lady, an airline steward and Earl Roberts, an admitted wife-killer who makes no bones about his crime. But to survive until the rescuers find them, they must all pitch in and adapt.

To their sadness and horror, their group continues to diminish in size. The tiny island, now uninhabited, was once held by Japanese solders who left behind deadly booby traps. A dangerous power struggle begins when Earl finds an old pistol and tries to sabotage their rescue efforts. They fight not only the elements to survive, but each other as well.

(Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith