His wifes death and his business failure drive Hunter Calhoun to attempt to resurrect his horse farm and the shattered lives of his two children.

After Hunter buys a wild Irish stallion that cripples his horsetamer, he hires Eliza Flynt, the horsemasters daughter, who has her fathers gift for gentling horses.

Hunter is amazed at Elizas skill and feels his own tension melt away as she tames the wild stallion. He wants to convince her to leave her isolated island and come home with him where her compassion, healing and gentle wisdom work wonders on the wounded spirits of his family.

But Eliza cannot feel a part of Hunters aristocratic society and he cannot make her stay, even though she loves him

Readers who loved The Horse Whisperer will be drawn into this beautiful tale of bitterness and pain conquered by compassion and love. Susan Wiggs builds sexual tension while creating an emotionally moving story set against a well-drawn antebellum backdrop. This spin-off of The Charm School will charm and captivate. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin