Image of The Host


Image of The Host

Meyer's first foray into adult fiction showcases her evocative prose. Readers will feel bereft by this bittersweet tale, full of of longing. Thanks to the author's formidable talent, acclimation to this future, unfamiliar world is seamless, but Twilight fans expecting a gripping love story may be disappointed--there's no Edward to fall in love with here.

The Wanderer awakens in a new vessel in a new world, ready to give the Seeker the answers she desires, to help their alien species complete their assimilation of the human race. But no one counted on Melanie refusing to give up control of her body, or her hope of reclaiming her life with her love, Jared. Will host and human learn to coexist? Will anyone else let them survive? (LITTLE, BROWN, May, 625 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno