The connection between Haven and FBI/SCU operatives is put on full display in Hooper’s newest Bishop/SCU novel. What should be a relatively low-risk mission goes pear-shaped fast, leading to a story filled with ominously encroaching evil. Essentially, there are two parallel stories happening with agents facing more than they bargained for. “Creepy” is an understatement!

Haven operative Luther Brinkman is sent into the Appalachian wilderness to locate escaped bank robber Cole Jacoby. With 10 million dollars still missing, the feds would like to recover both Jacoby and the money. Events take a nasty turn when Luther is shot. FBI/SCU agent Callie Davis has been in the mountainous area for a while watching Jacoby, so she and her dog, Cesar, are able to rescue Luther. They quickly realize that Jacoby is no longer himself, possessed by an evil that is gaining strength. Meanwhile, Bishop sends agents Hollis Templeton and Reese DeMarco to a mansion to practice her ability to communicate with the dead through conducting a séance. They, too, get more than they bargained for! (BERKLEY, Dec., 320 pp., $26.95)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith