Upon the death of her father, arrangements are made for Portia Worth to live with his half-brother Cato, Marquis of Granville.

Along the way, she and her escort are ambushed by Rufus Decatur and his band of outlaws. With a temper to match her red hair, Portia tries to kill him. Rufus doesn't retaliate for he is amused by this sprite of a girl; instead, he lets her leave.

For years there has been a feud between the houses of Cato and Rufus. Now, with the Civil War, Granville throws his lot with Parliament. With his burning desire for revenge (and a way to regain his forfeited estates), Rufus picks up the King's standard.

When his men abduct Portia instead of Cato's daughter, Rufus' plans for ransom go awry. Will the Marquis pay for the return of his illegitimate niece?

Though she spends time in Rufus' bed, he lets her leave of her own volition. Portia returns to warn him of a trap laid by her uncle and she joins his band of outlaws. She finds herself loving this tortured man who will not put the past to rest.

With the battle between king and Parliament at hand, will the feud between Cato and Rufus come to a chilling end on the battlefield? Only one man will emerge the victor. Which one?

Ms. Feather brings readers a poignantly passionate and beautifully written love story. THE HOSTAGE BRIDE is a book to treasure. SENSUAL (July, 355 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond