Image of Hostile Ground


Image of Hostile Ground

Witt and Voinov’s book of undercover danger has a good blend of romance and suspense. The pace lags at times, details ring untrue and the multiple storylines don’t always mesh well, but all of that doesn’t dampen the heat between the two men or the nerve-twanging tension that the authors ramp up at every meeting.

Seattle Detective Mahir Hussain is on his first undercover assignment in a strip club where only gay men are hired as the “muscle,” which isn’t a problem for Mahir. The head of security is another matter. He’s introduced to Ridley who tests Mahir’s sexuality in a very personal way. From that very tense beginning, the two men do a sexy dance that leads them to bed again and again. No matter what, Mahir must stay focused on getting the evidence to shut down a deadly drug operation. Mahir hadn’t counted on his increasingly tender feelings for the coldly efficient Ridley. His path eventually becomes clear, and he puts everything on the line to make the bust and save the lives of those he loves. (RIPTIDE, May, 362 pp., $17.99)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison