Psychologist Samantha Leeds is the host of a popular radio call-in show in New Orleans. She enjoys her work until she starts receiving on-air calls from a mysterious man named John, who alludes to secrets from her past, hinting that Samantha is a sinner who must pay a terrible price.

In the meantime, a killer is loose in New Orleans. As he tortures his victims, he listens to Samanthas radio show. The police, led by detective Rick Bentz, discover this link and contact Samantha.

As the threats and the killings continue, Samantha realizes theres no one she can trust, not even Ty Wheeler, the new man in her life. As secrets from her past come to light, Samantha begins to wonder if shes done anything to deserve the attention.

Steadily building in atmosphere and suspense, HOT BLOODED is a nail-biter. Ms. Jackson keeps the pot stirring, and the reader guessing. More good news for fans is that 2002 will see a sequel. (Aug., 464 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg