Image of Hot Boss, Wicked Nights


Image of Hot Boss, Wicked Nights

HOT BOSS, WICKED NIGHTS (4) by Anne Oliver: Kate meets a dazzling-looking man at a friend's bridal shower. Her pals encourage her to let her hair down, since she hasn't been out with a man since she found out her fiance cheated on her. Damon has just arrived in Australia from the United States to deal with the travel agency he inherited from his cousin. When he sees gorgeous Kate and approaches her, he can't believe that she's attracted to him as well. After a spectacular night together, Kate slips away, hardly believing what she just did. Then she meets her new boss ... . This attraction-at-first-sight story has just the right blend of adventure, passion and heartfelt emotion to make you want to spend time with this terrific twosome.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers