Image of Hot Like Fire (Strong Family)


Image of Hot Like Fire (Strong Family)

Bryant reintroduces her readers to the Strong family in her latest novel, which has all of her trademarks: hot men, spicy women and a sexually captivating story.

Kade Strong is mourning the loss of his wife and is unable to move himself and his daughter, Kadina, back home. But after witnessing a tender moment between his parents, he decides to stop running, hire a nanny and go home.

Garcelle Santos is a full-time student working to put herself through school. Although strongly attracted to Kade, she doesn't think they could ever have a relationship and settles for being the nanny. But despite Herculean efforts to stay apart, the two find themselves together in more ways than one. Things are getting Hot Like Fire! (DAFINA, Nov., 256 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Eleanor S. Shields