Image of Hot As Hell


Image of Hot As Hell

Lexy and Noah heat up the pages of this race-to-the-truth mystery of murder and corporate espionage. But what keeps the story fresh is the unusual setting -- a health spa in Utah -- and Dimon's deft characterizations. Her characters not only have layers, they also exhibit complex feelings through subtle signals.

Lexy has fled her California life for a Utah health spa to figure out two essential truths. The first is if her ex-fiance, Noah, is guilty of stealing money from the company. The second is why Noah, guilty or not, is so irresistible.

Lexy is not at the spa to discover who murdered her only lead in Noah's case and left the dead man in her bedroom. But suddenly she has a lot to deal with -- namely a dead body, her family and an ex-fiance who won't take "ex" for an answer without giving their love a fighting chance! (BRAVA, Nov., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan