Image of Hot on Her Heels (Lone Star Sisters, Book 4)


Image of Hot on Her Heels (Lone Star Sisters, Book 4)

The final chapter in Mallery's series featuring the Titan sisters wraps up in splendid style as the bonds of family are tested to the max. As demonstrated in this compelling story, family doesn't have to share blood, just emotions. Filled with emotional drama, devastating treachery and the power of love, this finale will delight fans.

The Titan sisters, Lexie, Skye and Izzy, have been reeling from the actions of both their tyrannical father, Jed Titan, and their vengeful half-brother, Garth Duncan. The sisters' best friend, Deputy Dana Birch, has been on a mission to take down the man she believes is hurting her friends: Garth. Garth is amused by Dana's persistence, since he has been very careful in his actions, but the discovery that Jed ordered the explosion that nearly killed Izzy to try to frame Garth puts a new spin on events.

Izzy is determined to save Garth from himself, so the sisters and Dana maneuver him into joining forces with them. The final showdown is going to be ugly, but the growing passion between Garth and Dana can't be denied much longer. (HQN, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith